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Study of key flavor compounds in ultra aged tequila

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dc.contributor.author Aguirre Flores, Andrea
dc.date.accessioned 2018-03-22T17:48:38Z
dc.date.available 2018-03-22T17:48:38Z
dc.date.created 2017-06-09
dc.date.issued 2018-03-14
dc.identifier.citation Aguirre Flores, Andrea. (2017). Study of key flavor compounds in ultra aged tequila. (Maestría en Tecnología Avanzada), Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Centro de Investigación en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada, Unidad Querétaro, Querétaro. es
dc.identifier.uri http://tesis.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/24296
dc.description Tesis (Maestría en Tecnología Avanzada), Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CICATA, Unidad Querétaro, 2017, 1 archivo PDF, (55 páginas). tesis. ipn.mx es
dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT: At our knowledge, there are no studies about the odor-active volatile compounds also called key flavor compounds in ultra aged tequila. This kind of tequila is relatively new compared with the others. Before 2006 only four categories of this Mexican alcoholic beverages existed, but with the increasing demand of this product the industry released a new product. To perform the present study, five different ultra aged tequilas were selected from the most recognized and top selling brands. Also, these tequilas were elaborated in the Jalisco state in accordance with the Mexican regulations. The odor-active volatile compounds were quantified by SBSE-GC-MS-PDMS, SBSE-GC-MS-EG, HS-SPME-GC-MS, Static HS-GC-FID, using calibration curves with internal standard. To find the key flavor compounds in each sample of ultra aged tequila, a liquid-liquid extraction was performed for each sample using dichloromethane. Obtained extracts were analyzed using GC-MS and gas chromatography olfactometry (GC-O). The olfactometry analysis was carried out using AEDA (aroma extraction dilution analysis). Third dilution series was used to determine the factor dilution (FD) values. Two panelists, previously trained to distinguish among different types of aroma, evaluated each extract and its dilutions. 52 odor-active volatile compounds were identified in the five samples of ultra-aged tequila. Only 18 compounds were common for all the samples of ultra aged tequila. The most potent odorants in tequila samples were phenethyl alcohol, isoamyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, whiskey lactone, ethyl lactate, 4-penten-1-ol, isovaleric acid, ethyl octanoate and ethyl decanoate. es
dc.language.iso en_US es
dc.subject Ultra-aged tequila es
dc.subject AEDA es
dc.subject GC-O es
dc.subject Flavor compounds es
dc.title Study of key flavor compounds in ultra aged tequila es
dc.type TESIS es
dc.contributor.advisor Vázquez Landaverde, Pedro Alberto
dc.contributor.advisor C. Qian, Michael

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